B&H Photo Video June 06 2017

We are proud to continue our relationship with B&H Photo Video - the world's largest camera and photographic accessory retailer!

How it compares July 04 2016

Welcome! July 03 2016

We believe in the power of imaging and giving photographers the confidence to use their equipment fearlessly is what inspired the creation of MintArmor.


Supplied as two A5-sized sheets, MintArmor can be trimmed to any shape, whether for compact cameras, DSLRs, flashes, tripods, lighting or just about any other equipment that would benefit from protection.


Why use MintArmor? June 08 2013

MintArmor provides the highest level of scratch and scuff protection without adding any bulk to your favorite gear.

Applying MintArmor to high-impact zones such as edges and corners can prevent permanent and costly damage to just about any product you wish to protect.


Don't let your valuable equipment end up like this...